Surfing – Exercises From the Board Up

In the event that you need to exercise to get fit as a fiddle for surfing begin with your feet. The feet help give stun assimilation, adjust, compel, control, control, adaptability, quality and spryness to your ride.

So how would you begin? Most surfers have effectively done some profit to your feet by strolling shoeless on sand or smooth rocks… not entirely certain about the coral.

The greater part of the accompanying activities should be possible in exposed feet.


Begin by rolling a tennis ball under your foot. This stirs the delicate connective tissue (belt). Try not to put your full weight on the foot being rolled. Work up to utilizing more weight and utilizing a lacrosse ball or golf ball. Roll the ball with somewhat more weight under the rear areas, balls and external edge of your feet and less weight in the curves and toes. Spend no less than 1 minute on each foot.

Attempt to pickup sand/little shakes with your toes. When you have achieved this undertaking endeavor to indulgence the items with your toes.

Lift your foot off the ground and write noticeable all around your most loved surfing spot. Imagine your toes are a pen and your lower leg is a wrist.

With your feet separated keep your rear areas stationary and push/drag the wads of the feet and toes outwards far from focus. When they are out the extent that they can go (duck footed) lift the front of the feet off the ground (heels stationary) and take them back to unbiased. 10-15 times.

With your feet separated keeping your rear areas stationary lift the wads of your feet and toes up and go outwards. When they are out the extent that they can go bring the front of the feet down and drag them back to impartial. 10-15 times.

Press your four little toes down and endeavor to raise your enormous toe. This is a troublesome exercise and when you first endeavor it you can gently hold down your 4 toes with your hand. Now and again in the event that you tap or softly push the curve of your foot it makes a difference. 10-15 times.

Press your enormous toe down and endeavor to raise you 4 little toes. Once more, you can begin by spreading your toes as far separated as you can. Hold for 3-5 seconds 5-10 times.

Shake feet forward and backward from rear areas to toes. 15 – 20 times.


Stroll on your rear areas and after that stroll on the wads of your feet.

Lift your huge toe and fondle your curve go. Cut toe down and endeavor to keep the curve raised for a couple of moments.

Remain on a stage with the bundles of your feet on the progression and your rear areas hanging over the edge. Gradually utilize the entire front of the foot to ascend as high as you would then be able to drop your rear areas down as low as you can get them. 10 – 20 times.

On the off chance that it harms don’t do it! This incorporates on the off chance that you feel torment in your knees as you work your feet. See a foot specialist for torment, surfer’s toe and parasitic issues.