6 Best Places for Surfing in Bali

Beside their definitive excellence, Bali’s shorelines are likewise superb for surfing. Here, I have summed up 6 of the best of them for your reference.

1. Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan is a little island situated around twenty kilometers from Bali’s eastern shoreline. You can achieve this place by speedboat in 60 minutes. A few travels, for example, Balihay Cruises and Bali Cruise Bounty gives a transportation administration to achieve this island. This isle is awesome for surfing. Furthermore, it has staggering common scene that is exceptionally intriguing for touring. You can likewise do swimming and jumping here.

In Nusa Lembongan, you can surf serenely in light of the fact that the shoreline here isn’t excessively swarmed. For most extreme surfing joy, go to surf amongst April and October where the wave achieves its greatest tallness.

2. Serangan Beach

Serangan Beach is situated in a little island close Denpasar. In spite of the fact that it’s near the Bali capital city, Serangan Beach isn’t as swarmed as Kuta and Sanur. This shoreline is supported by numerous surfers. The wave here is useful for the novice since its stature is just four to six feet. The best surfing time in Serangan is toward the beginning of the day, from November to April.

3. Kuta Reef

Kuta Reef is a perfect place for surfing on the planet well known Kuta Beach. The correct area of Kuta Reef is before Sandhi Pala Motel, or, around 800 meters seaward. To achieve Kuta Reef, you can lease a vessel that is accessible close-by the shoreline.

4. Uluwatu

Uluwatu is in the northern Bali and near Pura Uluwatu. Just expert surfers are permitted to surf here because of its high wave. Usually utilized as the place for surfing rivalry.

5. Padang Galak

Padang Galak Beach is likewise called as Ketewel Beach. This shoreline is known to be outstanding amongst other surfing places in Bali. To achieve this shoreline, you just need twenty minutes trip by taxi from Denpasar. Padang Galak is additionally near Sanur. This surfing spot is supported by numerous sightseers, particularly the Japanese.

6. Medewi Beach

Medewi Beach is situated in the rule of Jembrana. It’s anything but difficult to go to this shoreline. You just need to drive around two hours from Denpasar. Medewi Beach is likewise perceived as outstanding amongst other surfing spots in Bali, reasonable for either beginner or expert surfers. You can surf here whenever, yet I suggest you do it toward the beginning of the day.